Who are the AAAP Artists ?

TONY PRIDHAM - Australia
An Artist Of Extraordinary Talents
An artist of extraordinary talents, Tony Pridham specializes in subjects of the natural world, painted in the traditions of classical realism. As an artist, his beliefs are very much entwined in the theology behind the New Realism movement. And that something painted beautifully, is a justification in itself! From this ideal, paintings can inspire and bring a sense of wonder to the viewer! A keen naturalist, Tony travels widely, searching for new ideas and challenges. He is a founding member of Artist Ambassadors against Poaching, a non-profit organization whose aim is to create awareness of conservation issues through their art. Tony’s art has been published in a number of science based natural history books, most notably the Whitley award winning Grassfinches in Australia. He is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, and has twice taken out that Societies highest honor the “award of excellence”. His work has been accepted 5 times into the prestigious “Birds in Art” show.  

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